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Oct 2007 # 3

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A Day at the Races

Glad you could join me from Randwick for today’s Election Guineas. It’s a strong field and all bets are now in. The gates are closed and they settle. And they’re off and racing in the 2007 Election Guineas. And what a strong field it is. 

Howard’s Luck got away quickly and Rudd’s Hope was caught on the hop. Turnbull’s Quagmire looks like it got away from the jockey a little while Gillard’s Dream is a strong starter. Business Council is looking good and Church Lobby is keeping up. 

Back in the mid field we have Costello’s Cash fluttering away and not making much of an impact. Fielding’s Vision and Barnaby’s Joy are looking stable while Ruddock’s Scam is holding its own. Downer’s Pride is looking strong and keeping up with the pack is Swan’s Muddle. 

At the back of the pack we have Hanson’s Ghost followed by newcomer Garrett’s Promise. Behind them is Bob’s Tree, Justice and Peace followed by Freedom’s Press, Union Solidarity and There is Hope. Bringing up the tail of the field is Democracy ridden by an apprentice jockey. 

The field is almost at the 200 metre post and Rudd’s Hope is striding out in front by a nose while Howard’s Luck remains strong. Challenging the leaders is Costello’s Cash and Gillard’s Dream who looks dangerous. Business Council is hot on the leader’s heels while Barnaby’s Joy and Fielding’s Vision are fading fast.

Hanson’s Ghost leads the middle pack while Turnbull’s Quagmire and Garrett’s Promise are looking shaky. Freedom’s Press is looking good but Justice and Peace looks like it’s in trouble. Downer’s Pride is not making any ground after dropping back and Swan’s Muddle looks confused. Bob’s Tree is still in there. 

Church Lobby and Ruddock’s Scam are dropping off while There is Hope, Union Solidarity and Democracy are all vying for last place. 

Coming into the first turn Costello’s Cash is making a challenge while Gillard’s Dream is staying quiet. Business Council is making lots of noise and bothering the progress of Rudd’s Hope and Howard’s Luck. 

And there’s been a spill in the middle of the field. Justice and Peace has come down but the jockey is OK. Caught up in the spill sees Freedom’s Press looking shaky and Union Solidarity looks distressed. Downer’s Pride jumped the fall but Swan’s Muddle hasn’t made any ground. Bob’s Tree is still hanging in there. 

Garrett’s Promise is definitely not going to last the race while There is Hope looks like its got its second wind. Church Lobby and Ruddock’s Scam haven’t moved much but seem to be getting a nudge along from Hanson’s Ghost. Barnaby’s Joy and Fielding’s Vision are looking overwhelmed and Turnbull’s Quagmire is fading. Democracy is still at the tail of the field as they approach the half way mark. 

As they come round the 1000 metre mark, up the front is Costello’s Cash being challenged by Rudd’s Hope. Gillard’s Dream has dropped right off and Howard’s Luck is not making much ground. Business Council is holding down Union Solidarity while Swan’s Muddle and Hanson’s Ghost vie for the back of the leader’s pack. 

In the middle is Downer’s Pride holding off Bob’s Tree and Freedom’s Press while There is Hope is making ground. Church Lobby is bothering them while Ruddock’s Scam seems to be working hard. I don’t think Turnbull’s Quagmire can make the distance and Barnaby’s Joy is rather quiet as well. Fielding’s Vision is loosing ground but hasn’t given up the faith just yet while Democracy struggles for a clear run. Garrett’s Promise is all but gone. This race is not over and done yet even though the horses are lathered in sweat and the jockeys look tired. 

As the field comes around the three quarter mark there is little in it. Breathing down the neck of Howard’s Luck and Rudd’s Hope is Business Council who reacted to Costello’s Cash. Hanson’s Ghost is making a meal of Swan’s Muddle and Union Solidarity is dropped right off. Gillard’s Dream is also looking shaky. 

Church Lobby is staying strong and Freedom’s Press is holding its own. Ruddock’s Scam is moving back in the field with Barnaby’s Joy and Fielding’s Vision.  

Heading up the rear of the field is Downer’s Pride still holding off Bob’s Tree. There is Hope just cant seem to get past them at the moment. Turnbull’s Quagmire is holding on a little but I don’t think it’s going to last the distance. Democracy is still struggling and just can’t seem to get a run. Garrett’s Promise looks like it’s been knobbled so it’s a no win today and the punters have lost there money there. Coming into the home straight the field is spread out like a vegemite sandwich. 

On the inside its hard to tell who’s in the lead. Howard’s Luck and Rudd’s Hope look so much alike when they get in a bunch the colour of the jockey’s eyes is the only way to tell the difference. Business Council won’t settle and Costello’s Cash seems to have rattled it. 

And down they come. Like skittles in the bowling alley we’ve had another fall today. Amazing! Union Solidarity and Gillard’s Dream brought each other down taking Swan’s Muddle with them. Church Lobby almost tumbled and looks hurt as does Freedom’s Press. Ruddock’s Scam might be able to pull a swifty to get back in but I think it’s all over for Fielding’s Vision and Barnaby’s Joy. Hovering at the back of the middle pack is Hanson’s Ghost. 

What a race this is turning out to be. The contenders in the back pack might have a chance. Bob’s Tree has made some ground on Downer’s Pride and There is Hope seems to be giving Democracy a chance. Turnbull’s Quagmire has retired and looks sulky. 

And they’re almost home, a lot smaller field than began this amazing race. We’ve lost six contenders and as they straighten up coming around the bend we have a big pack nose to nose. 

Costello’s Cash wont have the carry to last the distance while the Business Council pulls out all stops. Rudd’s Hope and Howard’s Luck both look confident. Church Lobby will give them a run in the last hundred metres and Freedom’s Press won’t give up. Ruddock’s Scam looks like it has something in reserve but may have left its run too late. 

Just behind to leading bunch Bob’s Tree is being rattled by Hanson’s Ghost while Downer’s Pride just won’t give in. Fielding’s Vision and Barnaby’s Joy don’t appear to be making any ground and at the same time seem to be holding back crowd favourites There is Hope and Democracy who get a great cheer as they go past the paddock. 

And coming up to the 100 metre mark we’ve got four going neck and neck. Costello’s Cash has been caught by Rudd’s Hope who in turn looks increasingly like he’s hanging on to Business Council’s tail. Howard’s Luck has just about run out while in the second bunch Downer’s Pride has caused the third spill of the day. Fielding’s Vision and Barnaby’s Joy are now out while Bob’s Tree seems to have moved over for Democracy and There is Hope. Hanson’s Ghost brings up the rear.

With 20 metres to go it’s any horse’s race. And it’s a four way photo. Rudd’s Hope and Howard’s Luck were indistinguishable at the finish while Costello’s Cash looked to be pipped by Business Council. The non place getters will be Bob’s Tree, Democracy and Hanson’s Ghost while as always, it seems, bringing up the rear of the 2007 Election Guineas is There is Hope. 

Well that’s it from Randwick. I hope you picked a winner and we’ll have to wait for the steward’s decision on that photo finish. But for now, we cross back to our studio.

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