March 2003 #1

Whose Father/Brother/Husband/Lover/Cousin/Uncle was this?

No one will ever know because he is an un-named soldier who went out one day but never came back.
He might be my age, or older, or younger? I wonder, if like his coalition brethren, he was one day hoping to visit far away places?
I wonder if he has a sister and whether the two of them argued over who mum liked best?
I wonder if he had children and whether he told them bed time stories or sang to them in an out of tune way that made them laugh?
I wonder if he had a wife who he promised to love and cherish and who he dreamed of growing old with?
I wonder if he hoped that peace would one day come to his land?
I wonder if he was scared as he entered the battle field?
I wonder if he made his peace with his god before he died?
I wonder if he will be my friend in the next life?
I wonder if anyone cares.
He was not my brother so why should I?
Because his blood like mine is red his hair like mine looks black.
I care and I wonder because I wonder if anyone else cares.