April 2003 #3

Tea in the Street

Fahad was a trader in cotton in his home town of An Nukhayb, south west of Baghdad. After the1991 war he moved to Basra to set up a larger business.
Eimar, started his adult life as plumber's apprentice in Cork after his family moved there from Schull. The company went broke and he joined the British 7th Armoured Brigade. Maybe their conversation went like this.

F: Tea? You like tea.
E: Yes please.
F: You Irish? My brother visit and bring back Daniel O'Donnell video. Green!
E Very green, yes.
F: You sit.
F: One cup. My others broken. You come a long way?
E: I cant talk about that.
F: My name is Fahad. My father named me because I was long legs at birth.
E: (reaching out to shake hands) I'm Eimar. I was named after a bird so my
mother tells me. A swift.
F: Swift. Tea.
E: Thank you.

That was the first and last they saw of each other. One born in sand the other within view of the sea.
Both have hopes. Both have dreams.
Both changed forever by a war of other men's making.


(The story may have happened. Their real names are unknown)