April 2003 #2

An Egg Shouldn't Do That.

She had never seen anything like it before.
It looked black and made a loud noise like no bird she had seen before.
Her mother and older brother came running from the house and her mother grabbed her and kept running.
The bird got bigger and louder and then it started to lay eggs.
That's funny, she thought, our chickens don't fly and they sit down to lay their eggs.
The first egg burst open way up, it didn't break so much as go bang.
Bits of the egg began to fly everywhere. 
She expected its inner bits would be white and yellow.
There were more bangs as the little egg bits suddenly looked like flames.
Her mother fell over and she hit her head as she tumbled from her mothers arms.
She started to cry. Her mother didn't move as red stuff came out of her.
Her brother was lying down too.
He looked like her rag doll - arms akimbo and legs out straight.
An egg shouldn't do that she thought, looking up as the next bang happened.
An egg shouldn't do that.